Quality Assurance Tool

What is QAT?
QAT is the Quality Assurance Tool developed to improve the automated data integrity checks used by the Chesapeake Bay Program Office (CBPO) and to reduce the processing needed to put water quality data into the CBPO water quality database. Versions of QAT are being used by Old Dominion University, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission to ensure data quality before it is submitted to the Chesapeake Bay Program Office.

What are the benefits of using QAT?

How does QAT work?
QAT is an MS ACCESS database application driven by forms. The quality assurance checks are performed through a series of queries. These queries compare information in each record with look up tables (i.e., tables that define parameters, stations, and codes used for cloud cover, methods, historical ranges, etc) and with other related records. An output file is created listing all of the errors in the data set. Then, forms display errors in the data to be fixed before the data is loaded into the water quality database.

What are the quality assurance checks used by QAT?
QAT uses four types of quality assurance checks which:
Why is quality assurance important?
Data of known quality is the foundation for information registered with the Chesapeake Information Management System (CIMS) and is a necessary component of sound analysis and environmental management.

Instructions for Downloading QAT (PDF)

For more information contact Mark Lane at lane.mark@epa.gov

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