Chesapeake Bay Historical Data Sets

The historical database files include all available files for data collected in the Chesapeake Bay watershed before the birth of the Chesapeake Bay Program in 1984. Before the start of the Bay Program, the EPA awarded grants to state government agencies and academic institutions to begin research on the health of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed in a variety of categories including point and nonpoint source pollution, toxics, human population growth, land use, and living resources. These data sets are the results of those grant projects. The date range for each project varies and data can often be incomplete. After the formation of the Chesapeake Bay Program in 1983 new monitoring initiatives were begun. Those data can be found in the CBP Data Hub.

All datasets are currently Access flat files which were originally SAS datasets. The files were sorted by subject into the following categories: BMP, Coliform, Culture, Discharge, Flow, Nutirents, Physical, Point Source, Living Resources, Sediment, and Toxics. Most data sets include a summary file containing metadata, a contents file which lists the titles of the fields, and a means file which contains the calculated averages of each column. Some data sets also have a stations file that lists the geographic locations of each sampling station for that particular study. All informational files appear on the More info page in viewable text format.

Historical Databases